The Low Down On Make Up Wipes

The Dirty Secret of Makeup Wipes!

Convenience is everything these days. We crave the short cut paths and thrive off of being more efficient with our time. It is no wonder many products in the market have low quality but advertise instant results. This is the world of instant gratification and anything easy and quick is usually a winner.

There is no doubt that we go through tiring, long days only to come home to desperately needing sleep. Now before reaching over to your side table and grabbing that pack of make up wipes, I implore you to think twice! Here is what you need to know about them:

  1. Makeup wipes do not clean!

Yes. I said it. They do not clean.What they do do is smear dirt all over your face as you wipe. Talk about clogging up your pores! This is why many people complain of breaking out after they start using make up remover wipes. Just imagine it. Makeup plus dirt all mixed in and rubbed even further into your pores!

  1. Makeup are soaked in chemicals

In order to keep a long shelf life, these wipes are soaked in all sorts of harsh chemicals. This is also why there is usually a residue that is left behind after you use them. If you really must use them, make sure to wash off the residue afterwards. Of course, this may defeat the actual purpose of using them for many of us who just want to do the bare minimum!

Also watch out for fragrances that are added which can sometimes cause allergies or irritate sensitive skin.

  1. Makeup wipes dry out the skin

Because of the harsh chemicals the wipes are soaked in, they can often be drying for skin especially on the face. Alcohol is sometimes used in the wipes to cut down stubborn makeup, but this sucks the skin dry if no moisturizer is added or used after.

  1. What are alternatives?

You can’t beat the ease of a wipe, but it may be worth the extra step to clean your face properly with a gentle cleanser. If you must go for a quick short cut though, you may want to check out La Neur Micellar Cleansing water.

Micellar water has been an age old beauty secret from France. It was used when plumbing was not that great and the tap water was too irritating and dirty to be used to clean the face. It consists of lipid molecules (micelles) that pull dirt and make up with ease yet leaving the skin moist and hydrated. The difference in micellar water and make up wipes is that a clean cotton pad is used with each application. A quick gentle swipe will get rid of impurities, makeup and dirt.

Not only does it cleanse the skin, it leaves your face dewy and moist! This is definitely a much gentler alternative to make up remover wipes and has an added benefit of moisturizing the face.

Regardless of what you choose, we hope we have provided a more insightful for take on washing your face. For more tips on skin care and deals for our products that we sell, subscribe to our newsletter!