Why Vegan Skin Care is So Important

We all know there’s a buzz about vegan cruelty-free beauty and skincare routines around the internet these days and everybody seems to love the idea! Rightly so, vegan skincare has achieved a prominent status in the makeup and skincare industry.
If you’re unsure what vegan skincare is and where to start, this article will guide you through it!

What is Vegan Skin Care?

Vegan skincare involves incorporating a close-to-nature, positive, and healthy lifestyle into skincare. Vegan skincare products include organic and all-natural products derived from plants and herbs.
These products enhance the skin’s natural glow from within by rejuvenating the skin cells and improving their nutrition. As the name suggests, vegan skincare includes only plant-based substances and no animal-derived products or animal by-products whatsoever. This ensures the product being sold is free from animal stuff and does not involve harming and misuse of innocent animals.
The vegan skincare products are also not tested on animals so that the word “cruelty-free” fits utmost to the description of these products. A vegan product could be tested on animals in that case it would not be called cruelty free and a cruelty-free beauty product cannot be called vegan and could contain animal-based products. So, vegan skincare not only brings you closer to nature but also upholds animal rights.

Non-Vegan Skin Care Ingredients

To know what is vegan and what is non-vegan, you should know what common ingredients are used in skincare products that are derived from animals, so you know you’re buying the right thing. Some common non-vegan skincare ingredients include collagen, beeswax, gelatin, lanolin, carmine, cholesterol, and glycerin.

What about Synthetic Ingredients?

Synthetic ingredients are sometimes used in vegan skincare products. For example, some preservatives could be added to skincare products to make them last longer and retain their freshness and efficacy.

Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

The popularity of skincare is because of its numerous benefits. By using vegan beauty and skincare products you’re more likely to avoid toxins, unclean and unsafe products that could spur up an allergic reaction.
The vegan skincare products could spare you from the harsh and irritating skincare items used in non-vegan products such as fragrance, petroleum, and colorants. Vegan skincare has one added benefit that it works for long-term improvement of the skin because it rejuvenates the skin from within and corrects the root of skincare problems.
The biggest benefit of these products is the satisfaction that whatever you use on your skin was not harmful to animals in any way and makes you feel responsible about your consumption.

The plant-based products also do not require much processing and fuel consumption to make and thus also provide relief to the earth’s natural resources.

Where to find Vegan Cruelty-free Products?

We all know that big box brands have a lot to make and a lot to sell so they have to use animal-based products as well as utilize animals for testing the products out. So where can you find cruelty-free vegan products in the true sense? Many small businesses focus more on the quantity and not the quality of the products. Our brand La Neur is one of those sincere brands that want to make products that not only rejuvenate the skin but also provide the value of being vegan and 100% natural. All these efforts just for animal rights and customer satisfaction make our products stand out.
So, turn to vegan beauty and skincare products today if you haven’t already. It would give you a long-lasting benefit regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive.