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Perfect for any occasion! This gift pack includes Micellar Water, Charcoal Cleansing Mask, Anti Aging Face Moisturizer and a Vitamin C Cream Serum. Each package is beautifully packed and comes with a candle shaped in a heart. 

Here's what's special about each of the products: 

La Neur Anti Aging Cream 

This moisturizer is an all in one. What does that mean? It refreshes, refines and rehydrates dull skin! Not only does it have hyaluronic acid (powerhouse for hydration) it has soothing ingredients like green tea, jojoba seed oil and rooibos leaf extract. It has no added dye or fragrances so it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. You will see why this is one of our favorite and best selling products once you get the results you want from it! 

La Neur Vitamin C Serum

Let it GLOW! This is a cream based serum which can double up as a hydrating gold mine! It is packed with antioxidants and is very gentle! Have any dark spots you want to get rid of? This is worth an add to your daily regimen. It comes in an airless bottle which means no contamination and protects the formula from oxygenation. It also helps prolonging shelf life and ensures you get every drop of product out! Like most of our products it has no added dyes or fragrances.

La Neur Micellar Water

What in the world is this stuff? Think of cleansing oil balls (micelles) suspended in water. These micelles are so attracted to oil and dirt they grab onto them like magnets. When wiping makeup with micellar water on a cotton ball, the dirt is lifted while leaving a gentle and hydrating finish. This makes a great make up remover since it doesn't dry out the skin and is especially useful during travel! 

La Neur Charcoal Cleansing Mask

This is a creamy mask with activated charcoal which draws out dirt and impurity. No need to give your face any more pain by peeling. This mask easily washes off and leaves no dirty marks on your sink either! This formula is special as its packed with hyaluronic acid for keeping the moisture. Many of our customers who suffer from acne love this product as its gentle and can be used as a daily cleanser! 

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