Healthy skin with powerful yet clean ingredients. Bringing out the better you is not only our business, it is our passion. Lets face it, most of the cosmetic world is full of toxic ingredients that may not be so great for our body let alone our skin! Providing your skin with healthy nutrient full regimen is the best thing you can do! It is the skincare routine that will establish the health of your skin. Before applying makeup, moisturizers and serums are what absorb into your skin so it is vital to provide it with the healthiest 'skin food'.

So Who Are We?

We are a family business originating out of Chino Hills California. Our surrounding environment plays a big part in our inspirations behind natural, clean products.

Our visionary and founder, Sana Khan MD used common skin care complaints to drive her passion in creating products that are not harsh or dangerous. After years of medical school, teaching and medical research, she was motivated to change lives by encouraging healthy living and disease prevention. Then life led her to unfamiliar territory that was to transform her world completely, motherhood. This is when she noticed the lack of safe and toxic free products, especially for skin and body. Those products that hailed all natural and organic were often too expensive or not really natural at all!

Through the motivation of her mother, a chemist, Dr. Khan launched La Neur. A skin care company made for the health conscious consumer that is looking for affordable yet effective products.

The team at La Neur is compromised of a diverse background of expertise. From doctors to scientists to amazing marketers, product designers and researchers, each member is passionate in creating wholesome products and a positive customer experience.

All our products are

✓ Vegan

✓ Paraben Free

✓ Phthalate Free

✓ Silicone Free

✓ Made in USA

✓ Supported by Science

✓ Formulated with Love